Releasing Anger: Toxic Waste of the Soul

Anger is a very common emotion, everyone will experience this. Some people are angry and yet are not aware of their anger. There are at least 15 indicators of anger – maybe you have anger? Sometimes, anger is the main cause of depression. Unresolved anger can cause long-term health problems, thus all the more reason to seek release and healing from the anger. Anger is an “indicator of the soul” and is indeed “toxic waste” of the soul.

This teaching video is an excerpt from a Zoom conference on healing and transforming prayer for Immanuel Baptist church in Toronto during the fall of 2020.

Author: Dieter K Mulitze, PhD

Dieter has written three books on the ministry of transforming and healing prayer. One of Dieter’s main roles in this ministry is teaching the seminar series and speaking at conferences. Dieter’s three books serve to articulate and strengthen the theology and practice of the ministry of transforming prayer for the whole person. Dieter graduated from the U. of Guelph (BSc) and holds a PhD in quantitative genetics from the U. of Saskatchewan. Dieter was an associate professor with the University of Nebraska, and has co-authored scientific papers in several professional journals. He is a graduate of Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., with the Master of Christian Studies (MCS) degree, concentrating in spiritual theology. Dieter has served as an elder in a number of churches. Dieter is bi-vocational, serving as the Chief Scientific Officer for Agronomix Software, a software development company which develops, distributes and supports a software application for plant breeders and agronomists worldwide. With his experience in the corporate world, Dieter has also taught on the theology of work. Dieter is no stranger to international travel – having lived in Syria and Morocco for a total of 6 years and travelling to over 50 countries worldwide for business or ministry. Dieter and his wife Ellen live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They have one daughter, Karissa, who lives in France with her husband and children.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Dieter.

    I want to thank you for this one on anger.

    Most of the ministry I have received has focused on fear, and rightly so but I think that it is anger that has actually been at the root of my physical illness.

    I have 10 of the 15 points that you mentioned are indicators of anger.

    I have tried to forgive and let go but clearly it is still there. The anger energy is trapped in my body in various spots. The pain has paralyzed me to the point of not even being able to do any housework or go for a walk. I still am having problems with the swallowing (like we prayed for several months ago). It is better but still quite bad.

    I am triggered multiple times a day and it takes less and less to trigger me.

    I am having so much trouble walking out of this. Do you have some concrete directions for me to implement daily to help me access that peace and joy and to release this pent up anger-energy?

    Thanks Dieter. You’re kindness has always been so much appreciated.

    1. Hi Irene: Did you listen to my blog on Forgiveness? That’s the blog just before the latest one, on anger. If forgiveness is still a challenge, you need to uncover why that is still the case and then release forgiveness. Same for anger, and glad there’s progress in realizing it is more anger than fear which is a major issue. Need to uncover where the anger comes from, and that might involve forgiveness. Best is to spend time in silence before Jesus, seeing what He reveals and pray accordingly. It is hard to realize healing if there is still “toxic waste” in your soul. Living and managing the symptoms (hard, tough, unforgiving to the body) is far short of going to the source, giving it to Jesus in humility, and experience His healing. Hope this helps!

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