Reclaiming the Soul

Do you “have a soul” or “are you a soul”? What is the nature of a person – body, soul and spirit? These questions are quite important and need answers as we understand healing and transforming prayer. Since the 1950s, theologians have essentially “banished” the soul as also seen in translations of the Bible that have progressively fewer occurrences of the word “soul”. Psalm 23:3 used to read “He restores my soul …. ” but now in the NLT it reads “He renews my strength … “. Is that more correct? Does it matter? The Scriptures support the concept of the soul (and spirit) in many passages.

The “disappearance” of the soul created a vacuum which has been progressively filled by psychiatry and the $100 billion USD mental health industry. Prayer has been replaced by Prozac, Christ by chemistry of the brain, confession by the couch, love as a means to healing by Lithium and Luvox.

This audio message starts with a reading of 1 Kings 17:17-22 and then Luke 8:49-56. I refer to those passages and many others in this audio message. I share the story of Kristin, healed from fibromyalgia, severe headaches and asthma. All via one intense prayer session focused on the Presence of Christ.

Author: Dieter K Mulitze, PhD

Dieter has written three books on the ministry of transforming and healing prayer. One of Dieter’s main roles in this ministry is teaching the seminar series and speaking at conferences. Dieter’s three books serve to articulate and strengthen the theology and practice of the ministry of transforming prayer for the whole person. Dieter graduated from the U. of Guelph (BSc) and holds a PhD in quantitative genetics from the U. of Saskatchewan. Dieter was an associate professor with the University of Nebraska, and has co-authored scientific papers in several professional journals. He is a graduate of Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., with the Master of Christian Studies (MCS) degree, concentrating in spiritual theology. Dieter has served as an elder in a number of churches. Dieter is bi-vocational, serving as the Chief Scientific Officer for Agronomix Software, a software development company which develops, distributes and supports a software application for plant breeders and agronomists worldwide. With his experience in the corporate world, Dieter has also taught on the theology of work. Dieter is no stranger to international travel – having lived in Syria and Morocco for a total of 6 years and travelling to over 50 countries worldwide for business or ministry. Dieter and his wife Ellen live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They have one daughter, Karissa, who lives in France with her husband and children.

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  1. For some reason the audio clip isn’t working for me. It stops every few seconds after minute 2.


    1. Hi, I have checked, seems to work OK on my end. Do you experience the same thing on any of the other audio messages, or just this one? Maybe use the tool bar play control to slide back to the beginning? Let me know if this persists.

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