Depression: Flawed Brains or Flawed Science?

Depression seems increasingly commonplace in our modern era, and Christians are not immune. How do we understand depression when we read the Psalms, the book of Job and other parts of Scripture? How relevant is the Word of God if indeed flawed brains low in serotonin, or some other biological issue that silences any idea of the “soul” is behind much of depression with its real suffering and deep emotional turmoil? But is not “all truth God’s truth”? Easily said, but what if what purports to be true is to a large degree not true and confounded with numerous logic errors and flawed research? Some prominent researchers in psychiatry are increasingly making just such claims. Psychiatric medication is not always effective, psychiatric diagnoses are not always trustworthy, genetics is almost never the cause, and psychiatric medication can prevent healing. In many respects, mental illness is a modern invention. Jennifer’s (Jacqueline) story, as referred to in this message, is one clearly articulated example of deep suffering, the failure of psychiatry and the deep, lasting healing from Jesus who restores our souls. This message refers to “The Great Reduction: From Healing Souls to Fixing Brains”, which has been republished under the title “Pills for the Soul? How Medication Falls Short of Christ’s Healing of the Emotions“.

Depression: Flawed Brains or Flawed Science? Dr Dieter K Mulitze, PhD

Author: Dieter K Mulitze, PhD

Dieter has written three books on the ministry of transforming and healing prayer. One of Dieter’s main roles in this ministry is teaching the seminar series and speaking at conferences. Dieter’s three books serve to articulate and strengthen the theology and practice of the ministry of transforming prayer for the whole person. Dieter graduated from the U. of Guelph (BSc) and holds a PhD in quantitative genetics from the U. of Saskatchewan. Dieter was an associate professor with the University of Nebraska, and has co-authored scientific papers in several professional journals. He is a graduate of Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., with the Master of Christian Studies (MCS) degree, concentrating in spiritual theology. Dieter has served as an elder in a number of churches. Dieter is bi-vocational, serving as the Chief Scientific Officer for Agronomix Software, a software development company which develops, distributes and supports a software application for plant breeders and agronomists worldwide. With his experience in the corporate world, Dieter has also taught on the theology of work. Dieter is no stranger to international travel – having lived in Syria and Morocco for a total of 6 years and travelling to over 50 countries worldwide for business or ministry. Dieter and his wife Ellen live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They have one daughter, Karissa, who lives in France with her husband and children.