Experiencing Ultimate Compassion

Everyone needs compassion, especially when faced with pain, suffering, grief and so much more. We can experience compassion from those around us – family, friends, our faith community. The deepest, most profound compassion is experienced from Jesus (typically through other people) who fully identifies with our unique situation. Can you imagine Jesus feeling all your pain, weeping with you? This is closer to the heart of the kingdom of God than you might realize.

Experiencing Deeper Wholeness

Personal wholeness – how can we go deeper? In addition to Christian community, Scripture, worship and the spiritual disciplines, there is another way to “go deeper”. An experience of Christ’s Presence and love can lead to deeper wholeness and inner transformation. Listen to the personal testimonies of two women who describe their unexpected encounter with Jesus that brought about deeper wholeness.

Understanding Christ’s Healing Presence

The Presence of Christ is central and absolutely necessary for the ministry of healing and transforming prayer. No method, no technique, no analysis, no system – a complete “paradigm shift”. Then the questions become – what are the sorts of things that Jesus does when he “shows up”? How do we discern His voice and his true presence? An audio message seeks to answer these questions along with examples from ministry sessions.