Linda: Unable to Trust Men

Women who experience abuse from men sometimes find it hard to trust men in general. Are there any “safe” men of deep integrity? Linda had such an abusive past and needed healing. In a prayer session, Christ’s Presence brought deep and lasting healing for Linda in about five minutes. There is no substitute for the transforming Presence of Jesus!

Experiencing Ultimate Compassion

Everyone needs compassion, especially when faced with pain, suffering, grief and so much more. We can experience compassion from those around us – family, friends, our faith community. The deepest, most profound compassion is experienced from Jesus (typically through other people) who fully identifies with our unique situation. Can you imagine Jesus feeling all your pain, weeping with you? This is closer to the heart of the kingdom of God than you might realize.

Understanding Depression: Learning from Job

People of faith are not immune from depression. Many Christians struggling with depression find it difficult to reconcile this with their faith in Jesus. Some responses from faith communities add to the pain of depression instead of offering empathy and support. Although written long ago, the book of Job provides a deeper understanding for the issues of heart and soul for people of faith coping with depression.