Let Jesus Restore Your Soul

Do you struggle with insecurity, fear, anxiety, issues around identity or self-worth, lack of love, or painful issues from the past? Are there deep needs or “wants” in your life that are not met in this world? Consider the restoration of your soul in the healing and transforming presence of Jesus to meet the deepest needs in your life.

Do You Believe the Lord Talks to You?

Almost everyone can recall hearing that “still, small voice”, or a strong inner prompting that maybe led to an important juncture or decision. Are you willing to believe that maybe it was the Lord who spoke to you in that moment? It is quite likely that the Lord has been speaking to you but you didn’t always realize it. I expect the true story in this blog about hearing and obeying God’s prompting will encourage you to pause and reflect on your life’s journey.

The Ultimate Cure for Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be the scourge of the modern world. Anxiety can keep us up at night, impact our health, undermine our life and relationships. Some people are diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and prescribed with Paxil. Is there a “cure” for anxiety? There is! But where you probably would not expect to find it.