Do You Believe the Lord Talks to You?

Almost everyone can recall hearing that “still, small voice”, or a strong inner prompting that maybe led to an important juncture or decision. Are you willing to believe that maybe it was the Lord who spoke to you in that moment? It is quite likely that the Lord has been speaking to you but you didn’t always realize it. I expect the true story in this blog about hearing and obeying God’s prompting will encourage you to pause and reflect on your life’s journey.

Detained in Damascus Because of an Unheeded Dream

Years ago, I was detained at the Damascus International Airport for a whole night. It was just about the worst night of my life – almost like being in prison and in a third world country. I later realized that God had warned me in a dream long before. Has God spoken to you in a dream? Have you maybe experienced the consequences of not reflecting on your dreams?