Reclaiming the Soul

Do you have a “soul” or are you a “soul”? Many theologians and modern translations have essentially “banished” the soul since the 1950s. The resulting vacuum has been filled by the mental health industry with often not the greatest results. But the Scriptures do support the soul and spirit integral to our being. This must be reclaimed to more fully understand healing and transforming prayer, among other reasons.

The Shell Game With Psychiatric Medication

Some psychiatric drugs have been renamed and used for disorders or “mental illnesses” quite different from their original use. Patients are often under the impression that they are getting the latest, newest drug researched and developed just for their needs. That amounts to a “shell game” with medication. Some psychiatric diagnoses have gone through a number of different names until a “marketable” name was decided on. Then, a drug for that disorder or mental illness was soon easily prescribed and widely used. The end goal in all of this: increased market share and profitability for the pharmaceutical industry.